Alternate Energy Corp. (AEC)

Dear Mr. Dutchburn

Our executive team at AEC would like to convey its thanks for your dedication and hard work thus far. From the start of our working relationship over three years ago, Develpro has been an integral part of AEC's team in its endeavour to become a leader in alternative hydrogen solutions.

Your company facilitated high-level financing, management and technology introductions,   which invariably required persistent, and sometimes delicate follow-up, always through to completion. In some cases, where industry research was required, you did not hesitate to gather information from secondary (research reporting) and primer sources (direct contact) where in-depth investigation was often required.

From a technology perspective, Develpro was instrumental in bringing the appropriate professional engineering / technical knowledge to the table whenever required, whether it be an individual, accredited organization or simply a professional opinion or perspective. This ensured that our patented technology was developed under a credible eye and legally protected by a firm that could appreciate its uniqueness and our budget. Projects were always managed effectively with consideration always given to sensitive timelines and cost.

Specifically, your wealth of credible contacts in a wide range of disciplines, combined with an exceptional gift to liaise and foster valuable relationships has been invaluable to our company. Your professionalism and loyalty throughout challenging situations, has always been very much appreciated, and we look forward to working with you and your company.

Best Regards,

Blaine Froats, Chairman & CEO