Join us as a Junior Designer


We at Decorpro are looking for talented individuals to work on a flexible (part time) schedule basis to do product design. Our goal is to provide our designers with a chance to build a solid foundation for their portfolio and ultimately their future career. Think of it as an open art studio that sells your work and pays you royalties on it.  In this studio you are getting space to work, an infrastructure, and a creative team environment. Our team will assist you with creating sellable products, real life design experience and finished projects for your portfolio.


Ideal Candidates will:

-Be open to sharing ideas in a team driven environment
-Focus on tasks with minimal supervision
-Exceptional CAD/Rendering Skills (solidworks, Key shot and Photoshop preferred)
-Have an understanding of home and garden design
-A general knowledge of manufacturing and costs, including: sheet metal, laser cutting, fiber glass and injection moulding
-A general ability to create technical manufacturers drawings
-Quality 3d rendering skills
-And of course, Sketching


Candidates will be working on a Royalty based compensation, to create new products that fall within the Decorpro Brand. You will receive royalties on all the products (you design) that Decorpro moves forward with into production.
-We have multiple channels to market in which your designs will be sold (Amazon, Brookstone, Wayfair, Retail Stores, our website etc.) to name a few. These channels currently have over 85 different Decorpro products each, that are being sold globally.


-We have a stable infrastructure to support our designers and we pay all of the production and inventory costs of approved products.  This means you will never have to hold inventory of your own or try and sell your finished products, we take care of the back end.
-We will also promote you the designer and your achievements online (, twitter, Blog, Facebook, Coroflot, youtube, etc.), helping you to create a name for yourself in the design community. We give full credit to all our designers with respect their approved products.


-All products and IP (intellectual property) we DO NOT choose to move forward with, is retained by the owner of the design,  to use as they see fit outside of our company (portfolio or otherwise).
If you feel that you might possess these skills and are interested in the opportunity to be part of our team, please email your resume, portfolio and a brief description of yourself to: Develpro

A $35.00 Studio fee applies upon acceptance of the position.

To find out more about the company and the our environment please visit


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