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Welcome to Develpro Inc.’s CSA Customer Sales Options. There are 2 methods in which Decorpro Certified Sales Associates can sell Decorpro products to customers. Please read the following information for details. 


There are 2 options for CSAs to sell Decorpro products.

 Here’s how simple it is:

Option 1: Buy with Coupon Code

You provide your customer(s) with your unique Coupon Code: xx1234 (example code only), issued by our sales departmentAfter receiving the code, your customer(s) places their order directly online on www.decorpro.ca, using the unique Coupon Code at checkout.

When your customer(s) uses the unique Coupon Code, they will receive an immediate 5% cart discount on their orderYou will receive a 10% commission on direct product purchases (before tax), payable by Develpro Inc. at the end of each month.

All orders will be processed with the appropriate paperwork to support each order. We will handle inventory and delivery of all products.

Option 2: Buy at Wholesale Price

Our online sales website is not involved with this option. You provide us with the customer’s order. We will bill your credit card for products purchased at the wholesale price, plus any applicable taxes and our standard shipping and handling fee. You establish a retail price for the product. You sell the product(s) directly to the customer, at a retail price. You invoice your customer for the retail price of the products(s) plus shipping and handling. With this option, your commission is based on the price that you sell the product(s) to your customers. You collect payment directly from your customers. 

Handling Charges for Option 2 only:

- Canada Destination = $10.00 / Order

- U.S/Other Destination =  $15.00 / Order

Now you’re all set! Please go to the following link to complete your CSA registration! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=VA2GCUV557YS2

Need more information? Take a look at our CSA FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). http://www.develpro.ca/develpro1/csa_faq 


Develpro Inc. reserves the right to control and edit any and all information shown on our website(s).


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