Welcome to Develpro Inc.’s CSA FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Here’s where you’ll find answers to any additional questions you might have about the process of becoming a Decorpro Certified Sales Associate (CSA). 



1. Q: Where can I find the link to the CSA’s on the Decorpro website?

    A: You will find a link to the CSA’s on www.decorpro.ca. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Store Locator. Choose Certified Sales Associate. You will be able to view your Push Pin Territory here, as well.

2. Q: Who can take advantage of my unique Coupon Code?

    A: Any of your CSA customers (non-retail only) can use the unique Coupon Code that is assigned to you.

*3. Q: Can I have other people working for me with a unique Coupon Code?

    A: Yes, at your own discretion.

*Develpro Inc. is responsible for paying registered, active CSA’s only.

4. Q: When can my unique Coupon Code be used?

     A: Your unique Coupon Code can be used by any and all of your customers (non-retail only) as often as you want, for as long as you are registered with us as a CSA.

5. Q: Can I distribute the unique Coupon Code out through Twitter or Facebook?

     A: Yes, feel free to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to let all your customers know about the unique Coupon Code. The more people you reach, the greater your CSA potential.

6. Q: What information can I show about myself and/or company information on my Push-Pin Territory Locator?

A: Any relevant contact information (name, address, phone, fax, email, website, etc.) you would like to have about you and/or your company can be added to your Push-Pin Territory Locator.

*7. Q: What supporting sales materials can I use?

    A: CSAs can use any of the materials on www.decorpro.ca. For any additional materials or information opportunities, please contact our CSA department.

*Any printing and/or marketing costs are the full responsibility of the CSA. We will provide resources at a nominal fee. 

8. Q: When do I receive my commission cheque?

     A: Commission cheque(s) are calculated and issued with all supporting documentation at the end of each month and paid to registered CSA’s only. Coupon Code: xx1234 (example code only).

*Develpro Inc. is responsible for paying registered, active CSA’s only.

9. Q: How will I be able to track my sales through my unique Coupon Code?

     A: All processing paperwork and documentation will be provided for each order placed using your unique Coupon Code.

10. Q: Will I get an invoice for my monthly CSA registration fee for business expense purposes?

       A: Yes, when you signup, you will receive an invoice from Develpro Inc. via PayPal.

11. Q: After my monthly $5.00 subscription is processed for the year, can I renew it?

      A: Yes, you can definitely renew your CSA subscription after a year, however Develpro Inc. reserves the right to review past performance prior to  renewal, as well as re-assessing each CSA’s Territory of Interest.

12. Q: Do I have to handle any product or shipping?

       A: Develpro Inc. will handle all product shipping, as well as product inventory.

Any further questions? Please contact our CSA department for more information.

T: 416-482-0225

E: csa@decorpro.ca


Develpro Inc. reserves the right to control and edit any and all information shown on our website(s).


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