Getting started as a Certified Sales Associate (CSA)!

Welcome to Develpro Inc.’s CSA sign-up for the Decorpro brand of products. Established in 1974, Develpro Inc. is a home & garden decor company located in uptown Toronto. The company’s primary brand, Decorpro, has a full range of modern and innovative home & garden products, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We’re excited that you want to join our team as a Certified Sales Associate. The following instructions will simplify the process of becoming a CSA.


We’ve made it simple for you to become a  Certified Sales Associate (CSA)

Contact Anastasia Silva by email or call our CSA Department: 416-482-0225 to inquire about and to reserve your Decorpro Territory of Interest.

(Please contact us to discuss territory coverage before submitting your payment!)

Territories are issued on a first come, first serve basis. Develpro Inc. (parent company) reserves the right to control the territory coverage, and also, to determine who will represent each respective territory.

* Conditions

Decorpro Certified Sales Associates (CSA’s) are responsible for sales-to-customer point of contact only. CSA’s MUST NOT CONTACT RETAILERS. You must use your own network of independent contacts, outside of retailers, as we already have sales reps who handle retail stores.

* Any and all CSA’s must be knowledgeable of the full range of Decorpro’s product line, in order to hold a CSA position representing Decorpro and Decorpro products. Please familiarize yourself with our products by visiting We welcome you to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom, so we may explain our products in greater detail.

* To become a CSA, there is a nominal fee of $5.00/month, which can be extended for a one-year period, at our discretion. To sign up, please register at Decorpro CSA registration or visit Choose ‘Partnering.’ From the drop-down menu, select ‘Decorpro Partners,’ and click on ‘Decorpro CSA Registration.’

Once your Territory is approved and assigned accordingly, please click the link below to complete the process of securing your territory by processing your payment through Visa or MasterCard via PayPal. Follow this link to submit your monthly payment Decorpro CSA Payment(Please contact us to discuss territory coverage before submitting your payment!)


* After signing up through PayPal (see above), our sales team will contact you with your unique Coupon Code: xx1234 (example code only). Your unique Coupon Code will be activated within 24 hrs., and can be used at any time on *Your Coupon Code is valid on any regularly priced product on our website. Your code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or other coupon code(s).

Please follow the link to CSA Options to explore CSA customer sales options.


Develpro Inc. reserves the right to control and edit any and all information shown on our website(s).


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